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5 Star Yelp Review for AILEEN---From a long-time BodyCentre Client

I always come to this facility when I need a massage. Their price is affordable, clean, cozy and kind. All their massage therapists are certified by State law requirement. This is my update review. I was here on Friday 6/26. I had Aileen to be my massage lady. Aileen is always my girl when I come in. THis time i came in with stiff neck, shoulder pain, lower back pain. My arms were tired for carrying nothing.
WIth the education background that Aileen has. She surely knows how to work on my body, my issues that i told her. She can be gentle or more pressure point, it is up to me to tell her. I was not in pain when she was doing it. THe fact I felt so good on every point she touched. Im so happy to leave there and felt like a brand new person. My shoulder and my neck are now flexible for my driving. Thanks to Aileen. And she knows that when I come in, Aileen will always be my girl.
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