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Great Review for BodyCentre & Chelsea

I have been to BodyCentre in Fullerton on numerous occasions. Each has given me a special experience ranging from skin care, pregnancy massage, couples massage and relaxation massages to name a few.
Upon entering I was greeted by the manager Chayla, who was very knowledgeable and informative in catering to my specific needs. She was able to point me to certain therapists that would suit exactly what I was looking for in my massages.

The environment was extremely peaceful and very cleanly which I appreciate.. as well as the staff being very friendly.

Each therapist I have had has been awesome.. with the latest Ive had an experience with being Chelsea. A very bright spirited woman that is very knowledgeable in her craft.. whether you enjoy a good conversation or just want complete silence shes a definite winner. Catered to my back problems without causing pain to my injurys and concentrated on specific areas I requested . Definitely some great relaxtion..

Overall this is a great place if your looking for a great experience.. great knowledgeable staff, great atmosphere, very clean. I will definitely keep coming back and send anyone I know there.

Thanx Bodycentre

BodyCentre Fullerton
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