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Fullerton Day Spa Massage Therapies

Foot Massage

Relaxation Massage

Using long, rhythmic strokes to promote improved circulation and induce relaxation, this classic massage is the perfect way to combat stress.

Uses light to medium pressure.

Relaxation Massage with Back Therapy

Relaxation massage with a deeper and concentrated emphasis on the back.

Uses light to medium pressure with deep work on the back.

Deep Pressure Massage

An array of styles and techniques are used to relieve stress and aching muscles. Heavy pressure is applied to the body to release tired and sore areas, in addition to stretching to increase mobility and range of motion.

Uses very firm pressure.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Relieves back, neck, and shoulder discomfort by incorporating different massage modalities that are most effective in relieving tension from these "high-impact" areas.

Sports Massage

Is a combination of long flowing strokes, stretching and / or trigger points. The long flowing strokes carry oxygenated blood to the muscle tissue while stretching allows the muscles to lengthen and applying pressure to trigger points assists in the break down of adhesions. This type of massage is requested by athletes who desire optimal performance and non-athletes who seek relief from chronic pain.


An eastern approach to healing that incorporates acupressure, a variety of yoga-like stretches, and deep breathing techniques. A holistic modality that balances the body, mind, and spirit.

Reflexology Treatment

Thumb and finger pressure is applied to the feet, hand, and ears, which benefit all of the regions of the body.

Pregnancy Massage

Through the use of the Prego Pillow, the massage is conducted in a side position or face-down position, thus allowing for maximum comfort.

Not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Add On Spa Treatments

These can be added to any service or done separately

Foot Massage Spa Treatment

Body Glow Salt Scrub

By exfoliating your skin, we give you a healthy and natural glow. Additionally, a body glow salt scrub prepares you for tanning.

Hot Rock Massage

Warm, smooth rocks are used to deeply massage the muscles on your neck, back, and shoulders.
( Hot Rocks can be added to any treatment).

Body Mud Masque

Soothing mud masque is gently applied over your entire body to hydrate and purify your skin.

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