• Why Get A Massage?

    Why Get A Massage?

    Everybody can benefit from massage. The primary reason is that no one is exempt from the stress that affects our daily lives. Over long periods of time, stress takes a toll on our bodies. Stress causes our muscles to tense up, thereby inhibiting necessary blood and oxygen flow through the body. Stress is now recognized as the number one cause of both physical and mental ailments in the civilized world!

    By getting a massage, you are relieving the effects of stress by increasing circulation, which in turn eliminates the toxins that accumulate in our bodies. At the same time, we are allowing our bodies to relax, thereby rejuvenating our circulatory system to better rid our bodies of the toxins that accumulate while under extended periods of stress.


    YELP 5 Star Review 07/18/2015 from Sydney

    Can I start off by saying KIM IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I literally just had the best massage of my life. She not only knew what she was doing but she let me know stuff that I could be doing at home to help my body as well. I went in there feeling horrible with lower back pains and like I had weights on my shoulders and came out feeling like a new woman! I loveeeee her. Never going to anybody else ever again.. that woman is a savior. If you haven’t been to her you definitely need too! Not only that but how can you beat $90 for an hour and a half! She really focused on what I needed within that time. I am literally just so happy about the experience I had. Thank youuuuu soooo much Kim!

  • 5 Star Yelp Review for AILEEN—From a long-time BodyCentre Client

    I always come to this facility when I need a massage. Their price is affordable, clean, cozy and kind. All their massage therapists are certified by State law requirement. This is my update review. I was here on Friday 6/26. I had Aileen to be my massage lady. Aileen is always my girl when I come in. THis time i came in with stiff neck, shoulder pain, lower back pain. My arms were tired for carrying nothing.
    WIth the education background that Aileen has. She surely knows how to work on my body, my issues that i told her. She can be gentle or more pressure point, it is up to me to tell her. I was not in pain when she was doing it. THe fact I felt so good on every point she touched. Im so happy to leave there and felt like a brand new person. My shoulder and my neck are now flexible for my driving. Thanks to Aileen. And she knows that when I come in, Aileen will always be my girl.

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